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Solopreneurs: Projects


Whether you're a freelancer, influencer, or blogger, full-time or side hustling, for you life is business and business is life.  My unique coaching program is the perfect blend of business finance, personal finance, and life coaching - all designed specifically with the solopreneur in mind to bring you the big business tools you need to achieve your personal finance and life goals.

Every business owner, big or small, deserves financial security, peace of mind, and the tools to create greatness according to their own definition of success.


We'll build a budget, and evaluate your business model, revenue model, pricing and profitability.  You'll have a trusted go-to resource for all of those questions you've always wanted to ask about taxes, LLC's, insurance, and more.


Do you want to own a home?  Retire at 40?  Become a full-time traveler?  We'll discuss all of your personal finance (and life!) goals and develop a plan to achieve them.


It's great to build a plan, but are we building the right plan?  Do you know what you want out of your business and your life?  If you're not sure, we'll spend as much time as it takes to answer these important questions.  They are the only ones that really matter.

Solopreneurs: Welcome



"I know what I want, but I don't know how to get there".

"I don't want a boss, but I think I need one.  I need help with accountability."

"Being a solopreneur is lonely.  I wish  I had someone to share my successes with, and talk through challenges."

"This is a grind - I'm working so hard but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere financially."

"I don't understand my finances... and I don't even know where to start."

"Can I really earn a living doing what I love?"

"I don't know my own value  - am I charging enough?"

"I have so many questions, but I don't know who to ask."

"I would love a CFO, but aren't they for big businesses? I don't even know if I count as a business at all."

"I want to know the "right" way to do things... I feel disorganized."

"My business is growing quickly and it feels out of control  - I need to start formalizing how I do things."

"I'm not motivated by money, but I need financial security."

Sound familiar? These are just some of the things I've heard from my solopreneurs, and it's what inspired me to create this solution.

Solopreneurs: Welcome



We'll kick off with your vision, goal setting, and budgeting to craft the perfect plan to accomplish your goals, then meet monthly thereafter to execute your plan together, celebrate your successes, and troubleshoot challenges. If you need more accountability, we can build in weekly check-in's to help manage your task list.  I recommend at least a 6 month commitment to coaching to give us ample time to create and reinforce your new processes.  (Most clients continue our relationship for much longer - because it feels really great to have a champion in your corner!)

Starting at $250/month

Ready to take control and start running your life and business with intention?  Demand more for yourself, and get ready to feel empowered, free, and inspired.  I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams.

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